A simple little shell script to help with the "ps aux | grep" idiom.

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Download and extract the latest release.

To install, just execute ./ If you wish to install psgrep somewhere other than /usr/local/bin, set the $PREFIX variable like so:

PREFIX=/usr sudo ./

The default $PREFIX is /usr/local

If you, for example, install psgrep to your home directory, don't forget to set your PATH to include ~/bin as well as your MANPATH (or ~/.manpath) to include ~/share/man.

If you wish to install this as an actual package on your system, you will need the checkinstall program. General syntax you can follow (just accept defaults):

PREFIX=/usr sudo checkinstall ./

For example, on my Debian/[K]Ubuntu-based system, I could run:

PREFIX=/usr sudo checkinstall -D -A all --gzman ./